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Server access licenses

When the Smart Key app is not available in the App Store (App Store / Play Store), please check your app / server access.


If you are unable to verify the status of your subscription, please send us the invoice you received at the time of purchase and we will return the status of your subscription to you.


Lifetime server license / iBlue cloud access

15990 Ft excl. VAT

As of January 1, 2022, our 1 and 3 year server access packages have been discontinued. The access package currently available is a lifetime option. The price of the lifetime package has been significantly reduced, and this package includes free iBlue Cloud Admin access with brand new features. The price of a digital service cannot be refunded after the order has been placed.

Lifetime server license package includes:

  • lifetime product registration server access (Immobilizer / Smart Gate)
  • lifetime key sharing server access (Smart Gate)
  • lifetime application access (Immobilizer / Smart Gate)
  • make products purchased on eBay / Amazon official
  • Legalization of a product purchased from an unofficial dealer

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