Open your garage with your phone

And share access easily to your friends and family with iBlue Smart Gate

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  1. Device

    The iBlue Smart Gate device should be installed by professional mechanics.

  2. Application

    The free app is available for all the latest: iOS, Android

  3. Convenience

    Open the gate or garage door with your phone and share the virtual keys with your family and friends!

The device

High-tech in a small box

The iBlue Smart Gate device is a small black box, which is wired into the electrical circuit panel therefore you can operate it with your phone. More info

The application

Control the device with your smartphone

The Smart Gate works with the free iBlue Smart Key app to create keys, grant access, view activity log and more. Share and control the access to your garage door from a single app. More info

What we offer

An Intelligent Gate Control Solution

  • Simple key sharing The virtual keys of iBlue devices can be easily shared and used with family members and friends subject to your permission.
  • All platforms The iBlue Key application is available for all iOS and Android operation systems.
  • Secure Technology Smart Gate uses a Bluetooth Smart 128bit connection which is extremely complicated to detect.
  • Swiss company Innovative iBlue products, carefully developed and designed for the Swiss based iBlue HQ.
  • Unlimited user Several gates can be controlled by the application and multiple phones can be connected to the device.
  • iBeacon Compatible When you approach the garage door with your car, the application automatically pops up on the screen of your phone for even more convenience.

A wide range of uses

  • Garage Door
  • Automatic gates
  • Industrial doors
  • Automatic barriers

Technical parameters

Supply voltage 8-35V DC, 6-24V AC
Operating temperature range -40°C – +85°C
Max. current consumption (@24V) 45 mA
Number of switched output(s) 1
Output type unfused relay contact (NO)
Max. load current on output(s) 1A@24V DC, 0.5A@125V AC
Max. switched voltage 125V AC, 60V DC
Input voltage short circuit protection fuse (0.2A)
Size 40x75x20 mm
Wireless communication protocol Bluetooth 4.0 LE
RF carrier frequency 2.4GHz
RF TX power +3 dBm

Whats in the box?

The package includes 1 pc. iBlue device, 1 pc. plastic card containing the PUK code and 1 pc. booklet.


The iBlue device is compatible with all devices that use the iOS 8.0 (or newer) , Android OS 4.4 (or newer) operating system and features/operates Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology.

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Please note that the products are shipped from European Union, and that your order may be subject to additional import duties and taxes when it arrives in your country if your address is outside the European Union. More info

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this device only be used for garage gates?

    iBlue Smart Gate can control any electrically operated door or gate provided it has a central control unit. This can include garage doors, wrought iron or other garden gates, industrial gates, automatic barrier gates or automatic (photocell) doors.

  • How can I control who, when and which gate can be opened?

    The main user/ owner who owns the card which contains the PUK code, can share the iBlue Smart Gate virtual key with others. This access, however, cannot be shared further. In order to withdraw the key, you must use the “reset device” function to reset every key and then shared again only with those who we want to have access again. Personally tailored entitlement can be shared directly using the app.

  • How many people can use the same iBlue Smart Gate?

    If a key is owned, the number of users that can connect to iBlue Smart Gate with their smart phone is unlimited.

  • How can I manage hundreds of users without any problems?

    The iBlue for industrial applications is suitable for managing a large number of users.

  • What happens if my device or my phone gets stolen?

    The protection of personal data is everyone’s responsibility. The iBlue system beyond the phone’s built in protection comes with a safety data tool. We can defend the opening and starting with PIN codes, and the app will not store any data about the locations of the doors or how to start the car. If your phone gets stolen, but it is password protected, even if your app is not PIN code protected, the app can’t be used.

  • What happens if I lose the card containing my PUK code?

    If you registered your product on our website after you bought it, you’ll have the chance to ask for the PUK code which will be provided electronically.

  • What phones can be used with iBlue Smart Gate?

    The application works with every smart phone running the iOS 8.0 or newer operating system provided it features Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The free application needed to control the device is also available for the Android operating systems.

  • Can I install the product myself?

    The installation guide is included in the box of the product and can also be downloaded from the Support page of the iBlue website. However, we recommend that you hire a gate technology expert to do the installation for you.

  • Who can help me with the installation?

    In order to install the product, find a gate technology expert. On our webpage you will find more details about our partners’ availability.

  • What are the things to watch for during installations?

    The installed device must be as close to the entry zone as possible and far from metal elements because these will negatively affect the Bluetooth signal range. The unit can be used inside and outside too. For outdoor use a weather protective cover.

  • Do I need mobile internet to operate the iBlue Smart Gate device?

    No, the application can also be used without internet connection.

  • What happens if the battery of my phone is low and I do not have a car or mobile charger with me?

    The existing remote opening mode can still be used in addition to iBlue technology, so you can continue controlling gate movement with your old remote controller. You can also use a smart phone of somebody else in your company. You can connect to the iBlue Smart Gate device and, provided you know the PUK code, you can approve gate opening.

Phone Compatibility

  • Apple iOS 10+
    • iPhone 4s
    • iPhone 5c & 5s
    • iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
    • iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
    • iPhone 8 & 8 Plus
    • iPhone X / Pro
    • iPhone 11 / Pro
    • iPhone 12 / Pro
    • iPhone 13 / Pro
    • iPhone 14 / Pro
    • iPod Touch 5th gen
    • iPad 3rd gen+

    Every iOS device with iOS 10+ and Bluetooth 4.0+ support!

  • Android 4.4 – 
    • All Android phones and tablets

    And more with Android 4.4+  and Bluetooth 4.0+ support!

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