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What settings can I change on my device?

You can change your device’s settings if you swipe left on your key and tap Settings.

Important: Please check the meaning of each setting before taping, because it can cause irreversible changes.

In the case of a shared key:

With the first two options, you can change your key’s name, color and icon. Simply tap on them to access these settings.


You can turn on notifications. This means that when you are in a close range to your Smart Gate device, your phone will send you a notification automatically. When you tap on the notification, it will open your gate or door immediately.

If you choose Once under notification, your phone will only send you a notification once, until the next time you open your gate or door. If you use Always, a notification will pop up on your screen every time you connect to your device.

Auto Open

Once you turned on Notifications, you can enable Auto Open too. This function opens your gate automatically for you when you get close to your Smart Gate device. Please note that this function might cause security issues, so only use it if you are comfortable with it and your gate is located in a safe place.

Delete Key

By deleting your shared key, it will disappear from your phone. The main user has to share it with you again to provide access.

In case of having a master key you have additional settings:

Device settings

You can change your device settings only when your phone is connected to your device. When you tap Device Settings, the app will try to connect automatically.

Device name

This is different from your Key name, which appears on your key list. When you setup your device, this name will appear in your search results.

Pulse Mode

We strongly recommend using this output configuration mode with gates and garage door openers. (Important: For these electronics, using Open & Close Mode can cause serious damage to your device.) In this mode the relay output has one stable state (the ‘off’ state), and the relay output is short circuited only for a moment.

Open & Close Mode

In this output configuration mode the relay output has two stable states.

It can be switched on and off according to the user’s need. This mode can be used preferably with most of electromagnetic locks having the Autoclose feature enabled.

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