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iBlue Immobilizer vehicle compatibility

This device is compatible with any vehicle, from the old-timers to the most modern cars.

BrandsCompatibilityKnown issues
Alfa RomeoTested, OKN/A
Aston MartinTested, OKN/A
AudiTested, OKN/A
BentleyTested, OKN/A
BenzTested, OKN/A
BMWTested, OKN/A
CadillacTested, OKN/A
ChevroletTested, OKN/A
ChryslerTested, OKN/A
CitroenTested, OKN/A
CorvetteTested, OKN/A
DAFTested, OKN/A
DaciaTested, OKN/A
DaewooTested, OKN/A
DaihatsuTested, OKN/A
DodgeTested, OKN/A
FerrariTested, OKN/A
FiatTested, OKN/A
FordTested, OKN/A
HondaTested, OKN/A
HummerTested, OKN/A
HyundaiTested, OKN/A
InfintiTested, OKN/A
JaguarTested, OKN/A
JeepTested, OKN/A
KIATested, OKN/A
LadaTested, OKN/A
LamborghiniTested, OKN/A
LanciaTested, OKN/A
Land RoverTested, OKN/A
LexusTested, OKN/A
LigierTested, OKN/A
LincolnTested, OKN/A
MaseratiTested, OKN/A
MaybachTested, OKN/A
MazdaTested, OKN/A
MercedesTested, OKN/A
Mercedes-BenzTested, OKN/A
MiniTested, OKN/A
MitsubishiTested, OKN/A
NissanTested, OKN/A
OpelTested, OKN/A
PeugeotTested, OKN/A
PontiacTested, OKN/A
PorscheTested, OKN/A
RenaultTested, OKN/A
Rolls-RoyceTested, OKN/A
RoverTested, OKN/A
SaabTested, OKN/A
SeatTested, OKN/A
SkodaTested, OKN/A
SmartTested, OKN/A
SubaruTested, OKN/A
SuzukiTested, OKN/A
ToyotaTested, OKN/A
VauxhallTested, OKN/A
VolkswagenTested, OKN/A
VolvoTested, OKN/A


Last Updated: 09/30/2017 Print