iBlue Smart Key Software

Available on every platform

The modern, user-friendly application is available for all popular platforms and operates with most smartphones.


Key Sharing

The easiest and quickest key sharing

The unlimited number of keys can be easily shared via the application. Each key can be easily controlled and withdrawn.

iBeacon Compatible*

Your phone will indicate when you are in close proximity

When approaching the iBlue Smart Gate, notification of the application on the iOS operating system automatically appears on the display of your phone, provided that you have enabled this function in the setting for automatic notifications of virtual keys.

*This function is only available on iOS devices!

Operation mode

Two operating options are available

The relay output can operate in 2 ways: in impulse mode (mono-stable, open only) or in constant on/off state (bi-stable, automatic closure).

Operation of several keys

Several gates can be operated simultaneously

By using the application you can control multiple gates that are equipped with iBlue Smart Gate. You can assign unique colours, names and pictures to each virtual key.

Smart Watch Compatibility

All important data on your Apple Watch

Any data that your phone application handles is displayed on your watch. You can operate the virtual keys from your smart watch easily.

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iBlue Smart Gate

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Phone Compatibility

  • Apple iOS 10+
    • iPhone 4s
    • iPhone 5c & 5s
    • iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
    • iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
    • iPhone 8 & 8 Plus
    • iPhone X / Pro
    • iPhone 11 / Pro
    • iPhone 12 / Pro
    • iPhone 13 / Pro
    • iPhone 14 / Pro
    • iPod Touch 5th gen
    • iPad 3rd gen+

    Every iOS device with iOS 10+ and Bluetooth 4.0+ support!

  • Android 4.4 – 
    • All Android phones and tablets

    And more with Android 4.4+  and Bluetooth 4.0+ support!

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