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How do the Immobilizer app and device work together? Do I have to start the app every time I drive?

If you are using the Proximity Unlock function, the device detects when you turn your car on and automatically wakes up the app on your phone via Bluetooth. Bluetooth and Location Services must be enabled and working properly on your phone for iBlue Immobilizer to work!

Android phones

The Bluetooth connection works slightly different with Android devices than with iPhones. In order to help the app wake up in the background we recommend toggling “ON” System Tray Notifications in the app. This will make sure the app is not closed by your phone in the background.


If you close the app, you must manually re-launch the app. It will not turn on automatically. This is functionality Apple has introduced and it cannot be avoided.

It’s a good idea to open the app occasionally when you start driving. And again, please make sure Bluetooth is enabled and hasn’t actually closed in the background.

If you are not using Proximity Unlock, you need to open the app every time you drive.

Last Updated: 12/13/2015 Print