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iBlue Smart Gate

46440 Ft excl. VAT

Open your gate or garage from anywhere in the world


What you will get
  • Smart Gate Device
  • Quick Start Guide
  • PUK / QR code card
  • Free apps for iOS / Android
  • Manage unlimited number of users
  • Lifetime iBlue License
  • Type-specific installation guide here
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Firmware upgrade for products 1.0*

6840 Ft excl. VAT


Our iBlue Immobilizer 1.0 and iBlue Smart Gate 1.0 users get the option of OTA firmware update option* (via mobile phone). After a firmware update, the product receives the software updates of the latest 2.x product.

  • Latest firmware (latest Bluetooth BLE release)
  • Significantly faster Bluetooth communication
  • Significantly faster master key sharing
  • iBlue cloud integration
  • Amazon’s Alexa Smart Home, Apple’s HomeKit, and Google’s Weave protocol compatibility
  • Some bug fixes…….

Step-by-step firmware update instructions will be sent in a separate email after ordering, or you can find them on our product support page. With this package, you get a lifetime firmware upgrade option.

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