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iBlue Smart Gate

 89 284 excl. VAT

Open your gate or garage from anywhere in the world

What you will get
  • Smart Gate Device
  • Quick Start Guide
  • PUK / QR code card
  • Free apps for iOS / Android
  • Manage unlimited number of users
  • Type-specific installation guide here
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iBlue Bluetooth / WiFi Gateway

 99  49 excl. VAT

It can now be pre-ordered.

Expected first delivery: 05/2021

iBlue Gateway allows you to control your Smart Gate product from a web interface, from your smartphone or tablet.

With our free iBlue Cloud service, you can access our Smart Gate product anywhere.

  • Mini size, lightweight
  • Build in ESP32 module integrating WIFI&BT wireless technology
  • The maximum scanning distance of Bluetooth can reach 500m
  • Support OTA software upgrade
  • Provide IOS and android SDK for customers to develop their own APP
  • Free iBlue Cloud access for 2 years (only for pre-orders)

Available on backorder

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iBlue Keyfob

 49 excl. VAT

It can now be pre-ordered.

Expected first delivery: 05/2021

Security key for iBlue Immobilizer.

What happens if your phone is discharged, lost or stolen when you start your car? Have the iBlue Keyfob with you! Simply pair with iBlue Immobilizer and deactivate the Immobilizer installed in your car with one click.

Pre-order now and get it first!

  • Works with iBlue Immobilizer & iBlue Smart Gate
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