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iBlue Immobilizer

50040 Ft excl. VAT

The choice of the German Porsche and BMW & BMW motorrad young- and oldtimer club!

The iBlue Immobilizer device enables you to easily secure your vehicles with your smartphone application and to prevent unauthorized third parties to start and take control over the vehicle.

What you will get
  • Immobilizer Device
  • Quick Start Guide
  • PUK / QR code card
  • Free apps for iOS / Android
  • Lifetime iBlue License
  • Manage unlimited number of cars & users
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Firmware upgrade for products 1.0*

6840 Ft excl. VAT


Our iBlue Immobilizer 1.0 and iBlue Smart Gate 1.0 users get the option of OTA firmware update option* (via mobile phone). After a firmware update, the product receives the software updates of the latest 2.x product.

  • Latest firmware (latest Bluetooth BLE release)
  • Significantly faster Bluetooth communication
  • Significantly faster master key sharing
  • iBlue cloud integration
  • Amazon’s Alexa Smart Home, Apple’s HomeKit, and Google’s Weave protocol compatibility
  • Some bug fixes…….

Step-by-step firmware update instructions will be sent in a separate email after ordering, or you can find them on our product support page. With this package, you get a lifetime firmware upgrade option.

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