About Us

Established by Swiss founders in 2013, iBlue is a design house developing innovative technology products for the consumer market. Our rapidly growing R&D team consists of software and hardware engineers, designers and technology experts with decades of experience in the technology industry.

We are positioned within the rapidly developing Smart Home segment

Smartphones are becoming an integral part of daily communication. Not only do they connect us with others; smartphones are able to control an increasing number of electronic devices in our lives.

Smartphones are replacing various remote controls and are even being used to manage more complex applications, such as heating systems.

We harness this trend to deliver Smart Home solutions that simplify the lives of our customers.

Why our products are better?

iBlue products are the result of complex and intensive analyses and a development process, which satisfy the latest security standards in terms of technical components and software applications.

  • Made in the European Union
    Development is concentrated at the company headquarters in Switzerland, while the key quality components originate from Finland, which is one of the leading countries in the mobile communications industry. iBlue has chosen Hungary as a manufacturing location. We have found exceptional partners there who can meet our high expectations on production quality and can handle high volumes of production.
  • Secure Bluetooth Technology
    The key technology that iBlue products are built around is Bluetooth Smart technology, so the communication between the smartphone and hardware is faster and more secure. There is an ever increasing tendency for Bluetooth Smart technology to become a major player in wireless home automation systems, so these products can be easily turned into smart home enabled devices as well.
  • Cross-platform apps
    iBlue products work with all recognised smartphone operating systems, such as Apple iOS, Android. The software can be obtained free of charge in the appropriate application stores (App-Stores).
  • Thinking about the issues
    Users have several Back-Up concepts to choose from to enter their house, home or garage or start their vehicles if they lose their smartphone or the device has an operational fault. Market analysis conducted by iBlue revealed that users more often forget or lose their keys or other door opening devices than their smartphones.
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