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How do I install my iBlue Smart Gate device?

We strongly recommend you to contact a qualified installer to help you with the installation. An incorrect installation may cause damage to your device.

If you plan to install your device by yourself here is the wiring diagram:



Things to consider while installing your device:

  • You need 9V-24V or DC 9V-35V power supply to power up your device. Usually there is a power outlet on your gate’s main control board. If not, you need to set up an external power supply.
  • Your device is not waterproof, so be sure install it in a dry location.
  • If there is substantial metallic surface nearby, the Bluetooth signal may be weakened. If your gate/door motor is housed in a metal box, then install your device outside the motor box in a separate plastic box.
  • The Bluetooth range can be further improved by installing further away from the motor box (i.e. using a longer 4-core cable).

Last Updated: 04/11/2016 Print